Strapping & Bracing

Unstable tissues like to be stabilised. Strapping and bracing can not only assist in a speedy recovery but in some cases the prognosis is poor without them.

As the name suggests, ‘rigid strapping’ provides strong support for tissues while Kinesio taping (and the various form of myofascial strapping) allow for more movement, skin lift, lymphatic drainage and directional input. Matt became a certified practitioner and instructor of the Kinesio Taping method under Dr. Kenso Kase who invented the modality. There are endless ways to provide tissue support with strapping and a combination of methods are often required at any one time and will often change as an injury progresses.

Bracing of joints is vital for certain injuries. A high ankle sprain for example will not have a good outcome without a ‘moon boot’ or ‘CAM boot/walker’. Discerning the need and duration of bracing can be paramount.