Myofascial support

Soft tissue injuries both chronic and acute account for the majority of complaints we see in practice. Prioritising the needs of these structures is key to recovery. Strapping and bracing provide support to enable tissues to settle down and knit. Myofascial release techniques, stretching, acupuncture and instrument assist soft tissue release techniques are aimed at reducing tension from trigger points and fibrous build up and tendinopathy. Movement based approaches can reduced tension and promote motor patterns that continue to promote optimal length and tension of soft tissues.

The fascia is connective tissue that traverses the whole body as straps and slings providing structural bracing to the soft tissues and proprioceptive feedback to the central nervous system. Interestingly, the fascial planes are near identical to the acupuncture meridians and have been the focus of most eastern treatment philosophies for thousands of years.

Strapping methods are very beneficial to the myofascial network when integrity has been lost and to allow the body to progress through phases of healing. Dry needling (acupuncture), instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (like Gua Sha) and various other soft tissue release techniques are indicated wherever there has been adhesion due to inflammation and asymmetric tissue loading. Chiropractic and Osteopathic procedures aimed at re-aligning the body structure and providing functional improvements also have a profound effect on the fascial system. When combined with the knowledge of the myofascial straps and slings and aimed at normalising tissue tension beyond a regional focus and in cooperation with various soft tissue strategies, we believe objective outcomes are attained more often and quicker than with an isolated approach. It is with this philosophy in mind that we aim to provide solutions with diverse problem solving strategies.

Awareness of bracing tension throughout the body and efficiency of movement can reduce load on the myofascial planes and then the rest of the body. Lack of motion or avoidance of certain positions can stagnate body regions and tissues.


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